Commercial, Editorial, Advertising & Lifestyle Photographer Bristol, Bath and Somerset


You strive to be professional and knowledgeable in the workplace. Shouldn’t your company use a photographer who is just as knowledgeable and professional about his own line of work? after all, the chances are that your potential customers first experience of your company will be your website or an advertisement in a publication, and it is well known that it is appealing imagery that will catch their eye and entice their attention to your promotions, so your visual appeal HAS to be more appealing and professional than your competitors.
Whether you’re capturing employee portraits, documenting a special work event, shooting your company’s product for an ad, or taking photos of a new building, a professional photographer will deliver the best results possible. Professional photographers specialize in areas such as portrait and headshot photography or architectural photography, so you’ll know that your employees, your products, or your workplace will reflect the image that your business wants to present. 
You wouldn’t hire an engineer to head up your marketing efforts, or get your cousins 15 year old son to fix the plumbing in your house, so why expect your employees to capture the kinds of photos that a professional is trained to capture? If your business’s image is important, it’s important enough to require the right professional photographer.
Our photographic studio is set at the base of a stunning valley in the village of Tellisford, near Frome Somerset. Our work space forms the central section of a stunning converted water mill, housing a hydro turbine generating enough electricity, when at full capacity, to power around 62 houses, meaning we are running off one of the most eco-friendly energy sources possible. Combined with our strictly enforced guidelines, using only fully bio-degradable liquids, no detergents, a modern composting toilet and under floor heating utilising the warmth generated from the plant, we are doing all we can to ensure that our working day has the least impact on the environment possible. And it all combines to make the most relaxing and inspiring photographic studio spaces imaginable.
With well over a decade of professional experience meeting the photographic imaging needs for Fashion, Design and Retail clients, we are perfectly set up to help your next ad campaign or seasonal catalogue get the attention it deserves.